ActiVPN Review (2020)

ActiVPN Highlights

ActiVPN logo
  • Country: France (Fourteen Eyes)
  • Logging: No
  • Bypass VPN Block (DPI): Unknown
  • Pricing:  4 Euro per month (in yearly subscription)
  • Allows P2P/ Torrent: Unknown
  • Simulanteous connections:  5
  • Chat Support: No
  • Native apps: No   

My First Impression

My first impression about the website is average. At first, the first page seems ok, there is pricing, features, protocols, servers etc, and they even have a multi-language website. But, when you start looking for a certain information, you realize that the website is a bit messy and really hard to navigate.

Privacy policy of ActiVPN can be found on Data Protection page, which is a bit confusing at first, but maybe it is directly translated from French to English. On the FAQ page, I am used to typical questions related to the VPN provider, but in this case installation guides are listed, instead of usual questions and answers. Also, there some links on FAQ page like “Cheap VPN”, “Erasmus VPN” which does not have useful information, and looks like they have put there frequently searched terms to improve their SEO ranking.

Ther is not much information about the company. According Legals page to ActiVPN is based in France, but on the Data Protection page, it is stated that ActiVPN chose Hong Kong for its headquarters, because there is “No Mandatory Data Retention Laws” in Hong Kong.

Does ActiVPN keep logs?

On Data Protection page ActiVPN lists which infromation about users they keep and which they don’t. The only information they keep is email address and payment method. ActiVPN does not keep connection logs, traffic logs or ip address logs.

ActiVPN Privacy Policy
ActiVPN Logging Policy

ActiVPN also clearly states their logging policy in Terms of Use page.

On the Terms of Use Article 5, ActiVPN clearly states that they do not log any kind of information about its users, which is a very positive thing.

ActiVPN logging policy
ActiVPN Logging Policy

Does ActiVPN bypass Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)?

Countries like China, Turkey, Russia etc. implement firewalls that block access to VPN services. As an example China uses the Great Wall of China (GFW) system to block most VPNs and proxies. VPN services use extra protocols so that users in those countries can bypass VPN block.

On the FAQ page, I found an article about evading censorship in countries like China. But, there is no mention of any protocol used by ActiVPN to bypass GFW of China or similar firewalls. (The article made me think whether ActiVPN publishes these posts just to have often searched keywords.)

Evade Censorship
ActiVPN article

Long story short.

Whether ActiVPN can bypass VPN blocking firewalls or not, needs to be tested. And, I plan to test it in my country and in other countries in future, please subscribe to my email newsletter to get latest iformation about the tests. 


What is Price Performance Ratio of AceVPN? (Pricing & Features)

You can buy ActiVPN for 1 month for 9€ per month, 1 year for 3€ per month or 2 years for 2€ per month. ActiVPN allows 5 simulateous connections, which means if you buy 1 year subscription, you will be paying 0.60€ or $0.70 per device monthly.

ActiVPN has increased their prices since 2019 making it 4 € per month on yearly subscription. Nowyou pay 0.80 € per device per month.

activpn pricing
ActiVPN Old Pricing

Whic payment mehods are accepted?

ActiVPN accepts Paypal, Bitcoins and major credit cards. Unfortunately, neither free trial, nor money-back guarantee is offered by ActiVPN.

What features are offered by ActiVPN?

-Supported Platforms

ActiVPN support Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Routers. However, there is no standalone app/software by ActiVPN, you need do the configurations manually using OpenVPN, which is not practical. It would be much better if ActiVPN had own software or apps for the supported devices.

-Supported Protocols

ActiVPN offers OpenVPN, L2PT, IPSec and PPTP protocols. These protocols are industry standard protocols, and it is sad to see that ActiVPN does not offer something more.

-Number of Servers

ActiVPN has 61 servers in 32 countries. Since 2018 ActiVPN has added one server to their servers.

activpn features
ActiVPN Features

ActiVPN in 2020

Since 2018 minor changes were introduced by ActiVPN. Server number has increased from 60 to 61. The pricing was increased from 3  Euros to 4 Euros. However, there is still no a stealth protocol. And, the website has not changed much.


What I liked:

What I didn’t like: