Astrill Review (2020)

Astrill Highlights

  • Country: Seychelles
  • Logging: No (Traffic), Yes (Connection), Yes (IP address)
  • Bypass VPN Block (DPI): Open-Web, StealthVPN, WireGuard, OpenConnect
  • Pricing:  $10 (per month, in yearly subscription)
  • Allows P2P/ Torrent: Yes (some servers)
  • Simultaneous connections:  5
  • Chat Support: Yes 
  • Native apps:  Yes
  • Alternative website:
  • Trustpilot rating:  2.5 stars (out of 5 stars) (21 users)

My First Impression

Astrill VPN, whose name first I heard when I was reading a blog about VPNs working in China. Astrill was added to the list, but then noted as not working in China, so is it true or does Astrill’s Stealth VPn can bypass deep packet inspection?

Astrill is based in Seychelles, which makes it privacy friendly, because Seychelles is not a member of Five Eyes or Fourteen Eyes countries. 

My first impression about the website is good. The website has nice design, navigation is good and everything is clear. You can find every information on Astrill, easily. And, I love it. Moreover, Astrill offers its website in various languages and offers a live chat support.


Does Astrill keep logs?

Astrill has a very detailed explanation of its logging policy on the FAQ page.

astrill logging policy
AnonymousVPN Logging Policy

When I checked privacy policy page, I found same text. To sum it up, Astrill logs IP address and bandwidth of the users. However, there is no mention of traffic logs on the privacy policy.

Astrill also keeps users’ name, email address, and also depending on payment method you choose phone number and address. Actually, when I asked for free trial via live chat and representative wanted my phone number as secondary security, in case I lose access to my email address. It maybe practical for users, but definitely not privacy friendly.

As most VPN providers, Astrill tricks potential customers on its main page claiming that “no logs kept”. 


Does Astrill bypass Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) or similar VPN blocks?

Countries like China, Turkey, Russia etc. implement firewalls that block access to VPN services. As an example China uses the Great Wall of China (GFW) system to block most VPNs and proxies. Some VPN services use extra protocols so that users in those countries can bypass VPN block.

Astrill offers OpenWeb, OpenVPN, OpenConnect, StealthVPN/RouterPRO and Cisco IPSec technologies. StealthVPN is  a protocol that provides dual layer protection, and it is hard to get detected and blocked in countries like China, Iran, UAE etc.

astrill stealthvpn
Astrill StealthVPN
astrill openweb and stealthvpn
Astrill OpenWeb and StealthVPN

On the FAQ page, only StealthVPN is mentioned as ant DPI protocol, however Astrill’s  OpenWeb protocol also aims bypassing VPN blocks.

I tried to check whether Astrill can bypass DPI in my country. I found out that StealthVPN and OpenVPN protocols are blocked on free trial. Users can test only OpenWeb protocol in 7 day free trial, and the trial is not available for China users. In my own experience  I found Android app to be buggy, and was not able to pass processing screen without being connected to another VPN. And, when I was connected, I had trouble allowing Astrill VPN permissions. On my Windows test, I have tried different servers, but Astrill failed open blocked websites. 

Update 2020:

I have recently tested AstrillVPN on my phone, and similar to other popular providers the login stage was blocked. In other words, I could not login to the appp without using other working VPN. Once signed in, the WireGuard protocol was good, in terms of speed and connectivity. However, keep in mind that WireGuard is not a stealth protocol.

astrill test windows
Astrill Test Windows

What is Price Performance Ratio of Astrill? (Pricing & Features)

Astrill offers Personal plan, with annual price of $99,90, and allows up  to 5 simultaneous connections. It means you will be paying $8,33 per month, and $1,66 per device. And with this pricing, Astrill ranks 40th in pricing of our VPN list.

Recently Astrill has increased their prices. Now annual subscription will cost you $10 per month instead of $8.33. Making it one if most expensive VPN services out there with $2 per device a month.

Astrill Pricing


Astrill accepts a wide range of payment methods: credit/debit cards, bank wire transfer, Paypal, perfect money, Wechat Pay, AliPay and Bitcoin.

If you want to test Astrill, before buying Astrill offers 7-day trial for free. As I stated earlier, users can test only OpenWeb protocol in 7 day free trial, and the trial is not available for China users. All you need to do is sing up (without making payment) and contact their support. When it comes to refund, on the refund policy it is stated that you can get refund only if you have not used 7-day free trial AND Astrill does not work for technical reasons (not because of your  ISP) AND you use supported OS with latest updates AND Astrill cannot solve the problem in 7 days. Also, in FAQ page, it says that the sales are final and does not make refunds.Well, in the market where other providers offer no question asked refunds, it is a big minus for Astrill’s “super hard refund policy”. 


What features are offered by Astrill?

-Supported Platforms

Astrill supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and routers. The best part is Astrill has its own application for the platforms. In my own experience, I found that Astrill Android app was a bit buggy, and Windows software was average.

-Supported Protocols

Astrill offers three anti-DPI protocols OpenWeb, OpenConnect and StealthVPN, in addition to WireGuard, OpenVPN, Cisco IPSec, IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP, SSTP and PPTP.

-Number of Servers

AceVPN has servers in more than 112 cities in 62 countries. 

Astrill  offers multi-hop feature, which is a nice feature which adds extra layer of security. You can also have prioritized traffic, to have better speed with no slow downs. These features come at a cost, need to pay extra $10 in order to get VIP plan, which includes these extras. Also, if you wish you can have your dedicated IP address, which is not shared with other users and belongs to you only. Having private IP address costs extra $5 a month.


What I liked:

What I didn’t like: