The Best Stealth VPNs to Bypass GFW like Firewalls

Which VPN is the best one?

There is no such a thing like the best VPN. There are popular VPNs, VPNs with good marketing strategy, but there is no an ideal VPN. Every and each of them has cons.

This top stealth VPN list mirrors my personal favorites and may be partly subjective. I will try to be objective as much as I can.


My best stealth VPN picks for iOS

I do not own an iOS device, and I mostly borrowed my friend’s iPhone when testing the VPNs. Picking a good VPN on iOS is easier compared to Android, because there are few choices for iPhone/iPad devices.


  $5.99 per month

This VPN service has two main advantages. First, it offers Shadowsocks, v2ray, Shadowsocks with v2ray plugin, OpenConnect, OpenVPN with Stealth (Windows), WireGuard, SoftEther (Windows), and tproxy (Windows). That is exactly 8 different “stealth” protocols/proxies. No other VPN service provider offers this kind of selection. And most of the protocols work on iOS. Shadowsocks and WireGuard have very good speeds, but the former is not that “stealth” anymore and WireGuard was not developed to be anti-DPI protocol. Shadowsocks with v2ray plugin, v2Ray and OpenConnect are stable and have decent speeds. Second advantage is that, 12VPN does not limit simultaneous connections.

Also, 12VPN can evade Netflix’s VPN detectors. The pricing is good if you use at least 5-6 devices, with $1 per device a month. In my tests, approximately half of the servers worked.

The main drawback of 12VPN is that they log your real IP address.


  $6.99 per month
Wannaflix is relatively a new VPN service and is active since 2018. Wannaflix focuses on Netflix and China users and is one of the first ShadowsocksR providers (at least in English language). You can use Wannaflix either with a free app like Potatso Lite, or paid apps like ShadowRocket, Potatso, Kitsunebi or Surge. Recently Wannaflix added v2ray and a new OpenVPN protocol called “Eclipse”. 
Approximately, half of the servers worked in my test. Wannaflix has a very good speed and you can watch Netflix libraries on special Netflix servers. The pricing is higher than the rest on this list with $1.40 per device a month.
I would like to note that, 12VPN and Wannaflix are also good choices for using on your Android, Windows and mac devices.

My best stealth VPN picks for Android

I have used my phone which runs Android 6.0.1 for most of the tests.

  $4.80 per month

I have used for about a year, and I can surely say it was one of the most stable VPNs for Android. I mean in terms of not being blocked by the VPN blocking firewalls. It always had good speed and good connectivity. offers XOR and ECC patches as the obfuscation protocols. The pricing is also good with $0.80 per device a month. You can also watch streaming services like Netflix with 
When compared to bigger names like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, most of the servers connect easily. No need to look for a working server. When using NordVPN or ExpressVPN only some obfuscated servers worked for me. 
The main drawback of is that they log your real IP address. If they fix it, could be my favourite VPN. November 2019 update:
The VPN service still evades the GFW like firewall in my country, but the number of working servers and the server speed has decreased on the app. 


  $6.99 per month
NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN service providers thanks to its good marketing strategy. I have used NordVPN for about two years. During this time number of working obfuscated servers has decreased, but the speed and connectivity is still good. NordVPN also has a good pricing with $1.17 per device a month.
The main reason I have added NordVPN, is the better logging policy compared to VPN.acNordVPN‘s no-logging policy is not 100% true, but no IP address or traffic logs are stored. NordVPN only logs connection data for 15 minutes and then deletes them.
NordVPN November 2019 update:
Recetly, I had a chance to test NordVPN’s obfuscated servers, and none of the servers worked in my country. So, right now I would not recommend investing into NordVPN. Alternative recommendations could be ExpressVPN.
I would not recommend SurfShark VPN right now, all the SurfShark servers are blocked.
Above-mentioned VPNs are also good choices for your Windows or MacOS computer.

My best stealth VPN picks for Windows and Mac

I would like to add a couple of alternatives.


  $3.75 per month

AirVPN is one of the most privacy friendly VPN services out there. It has a solid no-logs policy and is located in Italy. The VPN service offers three different “stealth” protocols. 

The pricing is very good with $0.75 per device a month.


  $4.83 per month 

If you think none of the above VPNs suit you, you can go for ibVPN. A decent VPN service provider from Romania. It offers StealthVPN, SoftEther and Shadowsocks. The pricing is about $1 per device a month.
Though, I should mention that they log your IP address.