blackVPN Review (2020)

blackVPN Highlights

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  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Logging: No (Traffic),  No (Connection), No (IP address)
  • Bypass VPN Block (DPI): SSL Tunnel
  • Pricing:  €4.10 (~ 4.80$ per month, in yearly subscription)
  • Allows P2P/ Torrent: Yes
  • Simultaneous connections:  7 
  • Chat Support: Yes
  • Custom client/app:  Yes 
  • Alternative website:  N/A
  • Trustpilot rating: 4.2 stars out of 5 (56 users) 

My First Impression

BlackVPN was founded in 2009 and registered in Hong Kong, away from 5-eyes and 14-eyes countries. The team behind blackVPN define themselves as IT geeks with privacy and digital rights passion.

My first impression about the website is above average. The website has nice a blackish design, navigation is easy and everything is clear. I also like how blackVPN provides simplified version of its privacy policy and terms of service. BlackVPN offers live chat support, but lacks multi-language website.


Does blackVPN keep logs?

BlackVPN aims to be the most secure and private VPN provider, and explains everything  with every detail on their privacy policy. 

BlackVPN does not log:

  •  real IP address
  •  traffic (internet activity)

When it comes to connection logs, blackVPN logs two types of data. They can see when a user is connected, and how much bandwidth was used in that session, but it is stated that they cannot match it to a specific user. Also, the data is deleted after the session ends.

BlackVPN keeps following information:

  •  email address
  •  payment information
  •  username, hashed password, creation date and expiry date 
blackvpn logging faq
blackVPN Logging Policy
blackVPN Logging Policy

What I really liked about blackVPN’s privacy policy is that they use simple sentences, and explain with every detail how they keep minimum information about users. They show how they do not log real IP addresses of their users, providing screenshots of chat widget, website analytics, support system and VPN servers.

Does blackVPN bypass Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) or similar VPN blocks like GFW?

Countries like China, Turkey, Russia etc. implement firewalls that block access to VPN services. As an example China uses the Great Wall of China (GFW) system to block most VPNs and proxies. Some VPN services use extra protocols so that users in those countries can bypass VPN block.

blackVPN’s SSL tunnel could be useful for people who want to bypass DPI. 

First, I wanted to check it myself by signing up for 3 day free trial using my android device. However, I could not sign up, and got error message “No connection to the server. Try later.” It is a common error where ISP’s block VPN connections. The reason could be that SSL tunneling is not available for Android yet. Also, there was a review on Play Market, where a user from China left low rating saying that blackVPN does not work in China.

Then I contacted live chat support where a support staff informed me, that they don’t guarantee that the VPN will work in mainland China, meaning that blackVPN may fail evading deep packet inspection in general.

blackvpn live chat
blackVPN support about DPI

Even though, blackVPN does not guarantee that it will work in China, you can try blackVPN’s free 3-day trial, and check it out for yourself. Feel free to share your experience with others in our Coutry Guide section.

I would suggest to test on macOS or Linux platfroms, because SSL tunneling is not supported on other platforms.

Is blackVPN affordable? (blackVPN’s pricing)

BlackVPN has three plans:

  • Privacy plan: excludes US and UK servers, meaning no TV streaming
  • TV plan: only US and UK servers, so you can stream TV, but no torrenting
  • Global plan: includes all servers, you can stream TV and torrent.

If you go for privacy plan yearly subscription, you will be paying €4.10 (~ 4.50$ per month) or €0.60 (~ 0.65$) per device. You can also buy subscriptions for 1 or 3 months.

blackVPN Pricing


BlackVPN accepts major credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, some gift cards, bank transfer and some e-wallets. 

If you wand to test blackVPN,  you can enjoy 3-day free trial, which activates automatically when you sign up using your android device. 

BlackVPN offers no questions asked 14-day money-back-guarantee, if you are not happy with their service. However, you won’t get refund if you violate their terms of service or have already used money-back-guarantee.


What features are offered by blackVPN?

– Supported Platforms

BlackVPN supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Routers. 

BlackPVN’s custom client is available on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS (not yet approved by Apple Store).

– Supported Protocols

AzireVPN offers OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP and SSL Tunnel. SSL tunnel is supported only on macOS and Linux right now. So if you are using an Android, iOS or Windows device, then probalby you won’t be able to evade DPI.  

– Number of Servers

BlackVPN has 31 dedicated servers in 18 countries. Availability of a server depends on the pricing plan you choose.

blackVPN Features


What I liked:

What I didn’t like: