How To Evade Netflix VPN Block and Access Netflix US Library

Netflix is one of the main online streaming services. However Netflix content differs depending from which country you are accessing Netflix.Those who want to enjoy different Netflix libraries, such as US Netflix, often end up using a VPN or proxy. So there are two methods on how to access restricted Netflix libraries and not get caught to Netflix VPN block.

Netflix VPN/proxy error message

First Solution:

You can go for a paid VPN service that bypasses Netflix proxy detection algorithm. Various VPN services like 12VPNWannaFlixSurfShark, and Windscribe, can evade Netflix VPN blocks. Also, these VPN services can bypass GFW like VPN blocking firewalls.


12VPN works with Netflix

Second Solution: 

In case you have already installed a WireGuard, v2ray or Shadowsocks/ShadowsocksR on a server, there is another solution. This solution also works if you have bought another VPN service that works well, but cannot evade Netflix VPN block. 

You need to install a Chrome extension Wachee, which is available for free. The free option offers only SD quality, and to get HD or QHD quality you have to get the paid subscription. Alternatively, you can get a 10 day trial HD quality streaming for free.

1. Go to Chrome Web Store and search for the extension or google  “wachee chrome extension” and install the extension.

2. After activating your own VPN, press “Connect” on Wachee.

There is also Wachee Android app, which may be useful if you are not in a restricted country like China. If you are in a restricted country, and the app is blocked, it will not be useful since you cannot use two VPN apps at the same time on Android. 

Bonus Tip: You can get the free trial multiple times if you register using a temporary email service. There are various temporary email websites for free, like,, and etc.

Note: Wachee is only available as a Chrome extension and an Android app.

Enjoy Netflix US with Wachee