Stealth VPN Guide

What is a StealthVPN?

Stealth VPN, also called obfuscated VPN or anti deep packet inspection VPN, is a protocol that hides from your ISP the fact that you are using a VPN.

Popular VPN protocols like OpenVPN are easy to detect and block, which is why VPN services started implementing obfuscation technologies. As a result, your ISP cannot detect that you are using a VPN and cannot block it.


How to choose a Stealth VPN?

In this article, I will guide you how to find the best VPN with a stealth protocol that works in your country.

First Step

I have prepared a Stealth VPN Comparison Table, where you can find over 30 VPN services with a protocol that bypasses the VPN blocks. You can order the VPNs according to your preferences and pick a VPN that suits you the most.  Alternatively, you can also check the Simple Stealth VPN Comparison Table

Second Step

Check the VPN Reviews. You can find over 30 VPN  reviews. Most of the VPN services offer a “stealth mode”. 

Third Step

Check the VPN for yourself if the VPN provider offers a free trial. If there is no free trial available, you can subscribe for a month to test. Choose a VPN service with a money-back guarantee and get your money back if the VPN does not work in your country. Alternatively, check the Country Guide (coming soon).


Extra Tips

Following the above steps, I guess you have found the best Stealth VPN. Here are some extra tips:
  • Choose a VPN service with several stealth protocols
  • Buy shorter term subscription plans
  • When possible, pay with a cryptocurrency
  • Have a look at what information the VPN logs about you
  • Check whether the VPN based in Five/Nine/Fourteen Eyes Countries