bVPN and WaselPro Review (2019)

bVPN and WaselPro Highlights

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  • Country: Netherlands
  • Logging: No (Traffic), Yes (Connection), Yes (IP address)
  • Bypass VPN Block (DPI): SSH tunnel, Smoke tunnel, Shadowsocks
  • Pricing: $7.50 (per month)
  • Allows P2P/ Torrent: Yes
  • Simultaneous connections: 3 using apps and 3 manual configuration 
  • Live Chat Support: Yes
  • Custom clients/apps: Yes (all platforms)
  • Alternative website:,,
  • Trustpilot rating: N/A

My First Impressions

iElement B.V., a company from Netherlands, is operating three VPN services with different names and websites: WaselPro, iWasel VPN and bVPN (Blackbone).

Even though, on the surface, these are three different VPNs, in reality it is one VPN service. According to the information on the social platforms, the VPN service has been active since 2010.

The websites of iWasel and WaselPro seem outdated, however the bVPN website looks  polished. The navigation, on the other hand, is far from good. As an example, I could not navigate to the anti DPI page without Googling it.

The website has a live chat support, which  all the major VPN providers should offer. In addition, the website is available in English, Chinese, Persian, Turkish, and Arabic. Since, all the three VPNs have the same features and pricing, in the review I will be naming only bVPN.

Does bVPN and co. keep logs?

bVPN, which is based in the Netherlands, is one of the “Nine Eyes” countries. On the website, information about the logging policy of bVPN is shown on the Privacy Policy page.

Here, the VPN provider states that it collects user IP addresses, server IP address, timestamps, and bandwidth usage.

bVPN Logging Policy
bVPN Logging Policy

To recap, we can conclude that bVPN does not monitor:

  • Traffic logs (user activity)
Moreover, bVPN collects email address, registration, subscription and payment information.
bVPN Privacy Policy
bVPN Privacy Policy

Does bVPN bypass Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and similar firewalls?

Countries like China, Turkey, Iran, Russia implement firewalls that block access to VPN services. As an example, China uses the Great Wall of China (GFW) system to block most VPNs and proxies.

Some VPN providers offer extra protocols, often called Stealth VPN or anti-DPI protocols, that help users to bypass VPN block and access free internet.

bVPN offers two stealth protocols, SSH tunnel and a Smoke tunnel. In addition, bVPN users can connect using Shadowsocks, both in the custom apps and the Shadowsocks apps.

SSH and Smoke tunnels are available on Windows, macOS and Android platforms. As usual, the iOS users are not on the list because of Apple‘s regulations. On the other hand, Shadowsocks is available on all platforms.

An update regarding Shadowsocks:

Lately, Shadowsocks became targeted by the VPN blocking firewalls, and the stability of the proxy has been affected. As an alternative, ShadowsocksR is a better option at the moment.

SMOKE tunnel explanation by the bVPN team:

Lately, Internet freedom defenders worldwide have been concerned about VPN clients being detected and obstructed by different entities in different countries that use sophisticated forms of network packet filtering; especially DPI (Deep Packet Inspection).  

In order to confront this, our dedicated team of developers has been working on a customized UDP (User Datagram Protocol) tunnel inbuilt in b.VPN applications for Windows, Mac, and Android.

What SMOKE does is that it makes sure that VPN connection cannot be identified by DPI, while maintaining connection stability and speed with dynamic changes to tunnel behaviors’. b.VPN users can now enjoy unrestricted access to open Internet without worries about being tracked down, throttled, constantly disconnected.

bVPN Stealth protcol - Smoke tunnel
bVPN anti-DPI protocol


As usual, I test the VPN on Windows 7 PC, and an Android phone running Android 6.0.1. I am testing on an ADSL internet provided by the local telecom company, and cellular internet provided by our local mobile operator. 

bVPN offers custom apps for most of the platforms. The Windows and Android app are almost identical, both have the same design and features. The apps include features like, kill-switch, custom DNS, connection per app, and block malicious site

I performed the tests on the WaselPRO apps, and my first test was on Windows. For the sake of curiosity, I checked whether standard OpenVPN would connect. The result was as expected, no connection established. Then, I tested Smoke tunnel which performed very well on the test. I would not say that all of the severs connect instantly, but the New York server was best of all.

Lastly, I tried to connect via SSH tunnel. The tunnel failed to connect on the first try. I re-checked settings, and found that I can change the SSH port from 22 to 2222, which I did. And the result was great. The SSH tunnel connected instantly and defeated the VPN blocking firewall. 

WaselPRO windows test VPN
WaselPro VPN Windows test

Next, I performed the tests on my Android device. By default, WaselPro (bVPN and iWasel) connects to Smoke tunnel. In order to use OpenVPN, you need to change the protocol in Settings. Both Smoke and SSH Tunnels (on port 22 and 2222) connected easily, when I was on the cellular network. When using WiFi, I encountered “no Internet” error, which could be caused by the VPN blocking firewall. As a solution, first I connected to the VPN on mobile internet, then I switched to the WiFi network. And using this solution, I was able to evade the DPI easily.

WaselPro Android tests
WaselPro VPN Android test

To sum up, in the tests bVPN and co., evaded the deep packet inspection in my country on Windows and Android platforms, using the SSH tunnel and Smoke tunnel.

If you want to be sure that bVPN works in your country, you can get an unconditional free trial without registration. The only thing you need to do is, to download the app and you can use the VPN for five hours a day.

Is bVPN affordable?

bVPN gives us 6 simultaneous connections, half of which are app only, and the other half manual configuration only. We concerned about stealth VPNs, and therefore, I will be calculating the cost as if bVPN offers 3 connections at a time. We have one standard subscription plan, for 1 month, 6 months and 1 year. 

On the annual plan, the price of the VPN is $2.5 a device per month. Considering that we have the mean price of $1.20, even if we calculated the price for 6 devices, the cost per device a month would be slightly above the mean price. The price is more expensive than the competitors of  bVPN. 

A side note:

On the TOS page, it is mentioned that bVPN allows one connection at a time. The information is outdated.

Pricing plans of bVPN
bVPN Pricing, (same for WaselPro and iWasel)

bVPN, WaselPro and iWasel accept major Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal,  CASHU, OneCard, WebMoney, Moneybookers, Bitcoin, Yandex Money, Amazon Pay, Bank transfer, Sofort banking, ecoPayz, Google wallet, PaySafe Card and Western Union.

The VPN service provider unconditional free trial. It would be useful to know that bVPN offers 7 day money back guarantee.

What features are offered by bVPN and co.?

– Supported Platforms

bVPN supports Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Smart TVs, and selected routers. Standalone apps are available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. The anti-DPI protocols are available on Windows, macOS, and Android platforms. bVPN offers features like and IPv6 leak protection Windows. And, if you are interested in downloading torrent files, bVPN allows torrenting/P2P.

– Supported Protocols

The VPN offers L2TP, OpenVPN, SSH tunnel, Smoke tunnel and Shadowsocks.

– Number of Servers

bVPN, WaselPro and iWasel provide their services with 40 servers from 18 various countries.


What I liked:

What I didn’t like: